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Monday, August 4, 2008

Teddy averts tantrum ;)

no apples, mommy!
Well lately Biscuit's been particularly finicky about his mealtimes (okay, he flat out refuses his food most days, especially if it is being delivered on a spoon). Usually if I can get him to sample the first bite he's good to go...but that first bite can be a bear to get him to eat. Well this week one of the strategies that actually does work somewhat effectively (at least for now) had a pretty cute resolution, so I'll share it here (and I'm sure this one isn't original). I started feeding one of Biscuit's teddy bears his apples on a spoon and Biscuit got a little curious: he musta been thinking, hmmm, if Bear doesn't mind the spoon, maybe it's not so bad...so Biscuit ate too, and eagerly too! He just wanted me to take turns feeding bear and Biscuit throughout the meal. After it was over I caught him feeding Bear puff snacks during playtime - he's starting to really like sharing his food too ;) The other day I was working on something and suddenly had a sippy cup shoved into my mouth outta nowhere! :D