Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First Pet - A Fish for a Train Lover

Well Little Biscuit got his Valentine's gift from Mommy a bit early today - a brand new aqua colored beta fish, complete with a tot-style train theme tank!Meet Donegan (named from railroad lingo for a train that has been turned into a house - since a toy train has become this guy's watery residence!)Little Biscuit had a great time feeding him, and standing in a chair to watch Donegan take a "ride" in the red caboose.Not to mention it makes a fun accessory for his choo-choo toddler room! And very easy to care for - he only needs to eat every few days, and ever-so-often water changes ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Reading Chair

Here is a sight for sore eyes...a SUPER HAPPY little Biscuit bookworm!! ;) He has had a rough go of it since last September and we've had to back off on our weekly library trips (much to his disappointment); now he has another sore throat and runny nose he woke up with today...BUT on the bright side, he is NOT itchy or rashy with eczema even the slightest bit anymore, PTL!! His skin has never looked so good and he hasn't been this cheerful (cold and all) in months! His attention span for playtime and enthusiasm for stories and picture books has been awesome the past couple days (ever since eliminating peanut contamination of his snack crackers, which we know now he's very allergic to based on skin testing, and baker's yeast, just in case).

As an indication of how well he is doing, today I found him in his room reading in his little "reading chair" all by himself, out loud! :D He was reciting "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and then a fun board book about Christmas.

He really enjoys his soft toddler-size reading chair with a book basket beside it ;) It does double duty for lots of entertaining diversions such as:

Story time (obviously)Giggle time!Song or music time ("eyes, and ears and mouth and nose!") -- definitely preferable to nose-picking time (*groan*)Even nap time :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winter Boredom-Buster Activity for Tots

Here's playful way to spend a toddler-friendly afternoon on a lazy day.

1. Wake up from your nap. Bundle up. Don't bother brushing your hair; it adds to the fun. Head out the door with your mommy and daddy.
2. Look for animal tracks in the snow. Or try to catch a truck by following the tire tracks on the street!
3. Pretend you're the woodchuck on Groundhog Day; try not to see your shadow so winter will end sooner! 4. Do the Hokey Pokey in the middle of the street for the neighbors to see!
5. When you're all done, come inside and play some goofy games with static electricity!