Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to keep a toddler happy at the grocery store

Who says grocery shopping can't be fun? Little Biscuit and I had a great time using our local Schnucks store for a big-time play date earlier this week. He brought his own toy shopping cart and since mommy didn't have much on her list, I wasn't in a hurry like I usually am. I walked along with him holding him close by his harness so he wouldn't have any run-ins with those real metal carts (right, Daddy? we need to keep our baby teeth until we're at least six years old!) I carried him into the store so we didn't have to dodge cars in the parking lot but as soon as we got inside, we were off!
He found mommy some yummy bread (apparently he knows I'm watching my weight and got the diet brand without even being told)...I ought to be paying him for this service! And he got me some rice milk, breakfast fruit and diapers (mommy carried those since they were too big for his cart).
Then, like the big helper he is, he unloaded everything when it was time to pay. After all the food was bagged he was ready to roll! Wow...if he can do this much before he's even two, I might be out of a job by his third birthday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Learning to Jump

Today at one of our quarterly Parents as Teachers meetings we talked about how, at 20 months old, one of Little Biscuit's next developmental milestones will be jumping - hopping up with both feet off the floor, down from on top of things, bouncing on a trampoline or in a bounce house, and leaping over things. So since I know he already loves trying to hurl himself off of way-too-high surfaces when I'm not expecting it, we decided to have some fun playtime practicing his jumping skills in a more controlled way this morning!

"I did it. Again, again, Mommy!" :)
(What a fun way to build self-confidence! Now wouldn't it be nice if this kind of activity would help ease his separation anxiety!?)
OH MY WORD. The adrenaline is pumping now (mommy's, that is!) I didn't realize I'd opened a toddler gym.Yikes!! I said you could learn to jump, not train for motocross! (Please tell me I don't have one of those fearless daredevils on my hands who's going to want to skydive and roller blade across rooftops and generally give his mother ulcers.)