Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome Indoor Water Games

Today it was so insanely hot that we wanted to play in the water, but the sun was so bright and the air so humid we didn't really want to be outside...instead we brought the waterworks inside!

We started pretty simple...good old fashioned spray bottle mister. Filled it with cool water and let him decide what to do with it :D do you work this thing?
I think he figured it out ;)
A water park without the puddles :)
He can't get enough!Who needs a shirt? Time to get really wet!Now time to try a great idea we found in Family Fun magazine...make your own "bubble snakes" with the Foamerator!! :DThis was so cool we're going to use it at VBS in a few weeks! We'll probably have races...who can make the longest bubble snake without its tail falling off?Ooops...the tail fell off! We used a straw and soapy water to make this bubble soccer ball.And a giant bubble in a bowl :DSuper easy, super fun! Happy summer, everyone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toddler-Sized Clean Up the Neighborhood Trash Patrol

So it turns out that even 2-year-olds can get involved with hands-on community service and have a fun time with it! Here's how it started: almost every day little Biscuit and I go for a walk down the sidewalk in our neighborhood. He doesn't like to ride in the stroller much; he'd much rather push it (it's an obsession, really). And he's constantly stopping to try to check out the old soda cans and cigarette butts and boxes he finds that some litterer has thrown onto the street. I never let him touch these things because...well, they're filthy. But then, I didn't feel right about just leaving the junk sitting outside either. So I told him we'd pick a day and put our gloves on and clean up the trash we see on our walk. Today was the day and it was a fun activity for learning about cleaning up, helping others and being good stewards of God's world!

He knows what to do - see garbage, grab it...Then throw it in the trash bag!More trash. Better pick up that old straw, yuck.Uh-oh, he might be the pick of the litter but I don't think that's the kind of litter we want; besides, he won't fit in the trash bag...See, it's almost overflowing with garbage already!Time to take it all home and throw it in the trash can!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lost Kitten, Happy Toddler!

So today right after breakfast Little Biscuit and I heard a commotion of dogs barking unlike anything we've ever experienced in the neighborhood. I went out to see what all the fuss was about and there it was...a young, stray cat was all arched up with its hair on end as the dogs ferociously tried to get at it from behind a fence (I say 'it' because we don't know if it was a he or she but I'd like to say it was a she so I'll call it "her" from now on). Anyway she was clearly frozen with fear, so I called calmly to her and finally got her to move away from the dogs. She was very sweet and affectionate when she came to me, but had obviously experienced a difficult morning...her legs were soaking wet and the fur behind her head was all matted. Anyway, once I realized she wasn't wild or crazy but just maybe lost, I figured it'd be okay to show the Biscuit, who is absolutely head over heels for kitties. So I brought her to the door where he was waiting for me inside, and showed him, and you should have seen that face! I didn't get it on camera, but here are some other pics to let you know how happy he was about the whole thing :D

"Oh wow, a cat! Can I pet you...?"
"...and kiss you?"
"And talk to you?""And hold you?""And feed you milk and baby food beef and gravy?"And play games with you?""And take you for my toy stroller?"
"I mean, LOTS of walks?""And let you come in my house and live with me forever?"
"Oh, sorry...mommy says no cats allowed in the house. Daddy's allergic. But you can stop by and visit me anytime. Bye-bye for now, kitty!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Balancing Games for a 2-Year-Old

Today was a great day for playing outside - not too hot or too wet. So little guy and I decided to add some variety to our usual park playtime. I helped him try some new balancing activities just for fun, so he could get the feel of them.

First, the classic...balance beam time!

Then he showed me he could walk the white painted line on the tot rod street... I won't say he could do it without falling off but he sure liked putting his arms out to steady himself!Next we tried some whole-body balancing...sitting on a bouncing car hood without falling off! He did it...then he jumped off on purpose!Hop, hop, hop on one foot!Now for some wiggly-worm step action!All done! That was fun ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Sweet Tooth: First Ice Cream Cone!

Little Biscuit has lots of food allergies/sensitivities that have prevented him from being able to have real ice cream, much less a cone. He still can't have dairy but God has blessed in huge ways by allowing him to just recently start tolerating wheat without rashes ... the last couple weeks he's had tons of new snacks, including sandwiches, but one of his absolute favorites was getting to have his very first cone...featuring Rice Dream vanilla!!

Here he is in his own little "ice cream shop"...
He took his time, enjoying every bite!Mmmmm!! Good stuff! Drippy, delicious!Gotta have more, more, more!Uh oh, the shark's gonna eat it :)