Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Preschool Paintball!

Lil Bisuit has had a busy summer--he just turned three years old, so we've had lots of family in town for the celebrating, then his aunt was here for a few weeks and kept us entertained, and, in between, we've been working hard on preparations for Baby Biscuit who's due to arrive in August...so, we just haven't had a lot of time to blog. Now that things are settling down some, we needed some summer fun outside today...MESSY fun, of course...but since real paintball was out of the question for either of us, we decided to make our own game of it!

First we had to gather our supplies...water guns and squirters, splash bombs (those soft, foamie water balls for the pool), bowls, washable poster paint in various colors, and good ole' H20...

We filled up the bowls and blasters with a mix of water and paints, and we were ready for pint-sized paint wars!
 He thinks he can avoid my expert, precision shots with his impressive ninja dodging skills...
OHHH! I gotcha!! Mommy 1, Biscuit - 0!! :D
Just wait...there's more where THAT came from :D
Hee hee...I think I'm still winning, but now it's payback time!

Uh-oh...he's gettin' serious now!

Time for Mommy to go on the offensive again!

 Let's re-load...
Hey...cheater! You can't just smear me with it! ;)
Umm...I guess maybe me and Baby Biscuit didn't win after all?
The proud champion...:D
 Oh well...there's always a rematch right? And clean-up is just as fun--especially with colored bathwater!!