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Friday, August 1, 2008

Block party

Puff the magic teacher! :)

We played a little game yesterday using Biscuit's favorite snack (fruit puffs) and 4 rubber blocks. I put a puff under one of the blocks and asked him to find it by looking for the color I named. He doesn't really "get" colors yet but he likes looking under the blocks to find the puff...and who knows, maybe some of it is sinking in subconsciously? :) He already does pretty good finding blue, yellow and red. Orange is more tricky for him. He also has some colored nesting cups that we can do the same game with, and plastic balls. But in a pinch I could just use some colored foam squares or card stock I suppose.

Speaking of colors, Biscuit's having another "gray day" - one of those days where something's bothering him but I don't know exactly what. He keeps showing me the sign for "hurt" and grabbing the back of his head and ears. He was really clingy and upset all morning and not wanting to eat from a spoon much all week. My top two guesses are a molar (there's a teeny sharp corner that's been poking through the last couple days but not much progress if that's what it is) or an ear infection (he's just getting over a cold). But he doesn't have a fever. Any suggestions? Anyone know of teething causing head pain? I gave him some Tylenol but he was out for his nap really early this morning so it could be an interesting day.