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Friday, August 1, 2008

No-sew sleepytime sack

UPDATE: the new-sew sack worked fine for Biscuit but not for his mom and dad - too big of a pain to get over his head. So when I get my sewing machine back up and running I'll probably just try to make one for him the old-fashioned way out of the same blanket. In the meantime, since we don't want to pay for another defective new one, I just cut leg holes into one of his old sleepsacks (it's zipper works fine, it was just too small). Hopefully that'll help for now.

Biscuit has always slept in a Halo SleepSack since he grew out of his SwaddleMes. Now that he's too tall even for those, he graduated to the
Big Kids SleepSacks. Problem is, the zipper on it is messed up so half the time he wakes up at night all unzipped and it takes forever to get it fixed. I wasn't too thrilled about the $25 it would cost to get another one, which would probably have the same problem. So I (very nervously) attempted to make one for him that didn't require sewing (all my sewing machine needles are broken at the moment and I haven't had time to get anymore or put them on). I got the basic technique for the knots here and then sort of improvised the rest. It didn't turn out terrible but it's not exactly a work of art either. It does fit Biscuit and seems like it'll work just fine, especially when it's cooler outside, without posing any kind of suffocation hazard. Instead of a zipper I just pull it over his head like a big nightshirt. I made it with the bottom open so his feet could breathe if he wanted, from one of his favorite blankets (and mine too) with a fun jungle print. He was rolling around on it all afternoon while I was trying to make it :)

Silly Biscuit! :D


Vicki said...

WOW! That sleep sack looks very familiar!!! Again, quite an imagination you have coming up with this stuff. Great!