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Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby-proofing the TV buttons

Biscuit has discovered a new hobby of playing with the buttons on the TV - he loves flipping the power on and off, turning the volume up and down and fiddling with all the screen settings. A firm "no" and distraction is not enough to keep him away. Baby stores sell guards for electronics panels but it was just one more thing I didn't want to buy. I figure there's almost always a way to here's our workaround: I found one of those el-cheapo, one-piece clear plastic 8x10 photo frames I already had (my mom had given it to me - the kind with a little stand at the bottom). I took out the pic that was in it and slid the frame under the TV, so that the stand section covered the buttons. The TV still works fine with the remote (which I can store out of Biscuit's reach!) Looks like he's stumped...for now! ;)


Vicki said...

Another brilliant idea:)