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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Biscuit, CEO (Cutest Executive Officer!)

Well, I have no idea what Biscuit wants to be when he grows up but yesterday he got to pretend he was the president of a big company (our local office supply store)!

I'm not sure what he thought of the job, but he really liked that his big cushy leather chair rolled around, and that he could pound on his desk to his heart's content :) As he toured his new office space he actually found a golf club just his size under the desk...go figure. I was hired as his secretary for the day and I will say that he has a VERY busy schedule and can be a challenge to keep up with! He pops in at random departments throughout the building to make sure things are running smoothly. He even tests out the current products on the shelf for quality control! I noticed he has a tendency toward kleptomania, especially with regard to pens (or maybe just wants a promo stash on hand?) Another thing I noticed is he's also really picky about his carpet...he physically inspects it and insists on no fuzzballs (he removes them himself if needed):

I wonder if I should pick up the classic job-hunting book, "What Color Is Your Parachute?" from the library for him today? On second thought, if all he can understand is the pictures, his next request may be to go skydiving with me. I'm not sure I'm ready for that adventure yet!


Brian said...

We will know he is really ready for business when he starts putting his feet up on the desk and not just the dinner table!

Pudgy Pencils said...

haha, good call! in that case it probably won't be long! :D

Vicki said...

LOL How true! He has the relaxation end all taken care of!
By the way- who taught him that trick?!?!?