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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Survivor: Toddler Island

It struck me, while the Biscuit was playing in the woods the other day, that he'd make a great contender on reality TV. Here's how he could outwit, outplay and outlast the best of 'em...

(You'll never know by his face what he's thinking or what he'll do next...)
toddler in the woods

(...and he can find his own way around to map out the lay of the land).
toddler crawling in the woods

OUTPLAY! (He doesn't need toys to have a ball...)
toddler smiling

(...and if it means jumping off a bridge to prove you're brave, he's got what it takes.)
toddler on bridge over creek

(He can start a fire with just a stick and his teeth....)
toddler with a twig in his mouth

(...and he's not afraid to eat ANYTHING - unless it's his own baby food).
toddler eating a yellow leaf

Well, there you go...he's almost ready for the auditions ;) We still need to work on endurance though...specifically, when he can survive a whole night without waking up his tribe for milk, he can start working on his application ;)


Vicki said...

Tribe milk huh?! Is that a new brand? You two sure have alot of adventures! I am anxious to see each day what you will come up with next :) Really feel like I'm there-well sort of! Wish I was ;)