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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If only his cold were a soccer ball, he could kick it!

Biscuit's nose is running again today (seems like he clears up for about a week then gets it all over again); he clearly needed another cheer-up activity. So we headed to the sports park for the first time ever this morning.

Among the fun things we found to do there were:

1. chase a soccer ball and kick it into the net (of course)
2. try to crawl through the little holes in the net (no comment)
3. see how many abandoned soccer balls we can find (3, I think)
4. watch a big tractor haul out and set up the stands (good timing I guess)
5. play in the gravel at the parking lot (and by "play" Biscuit means, "See how fast I can shove a rock in my mouth before mommy can stop me.")
6. watch a gated field get watered by the sprinkler system
7. try to figure out a way to play in the sprinklers (to no avail)
8. watch a Dr. Pepper truck go by, hoping it might stop and share (it didn't)
9. realize we aren't at the public sports park after all (we're at a private soccer club--oops!)
10. Too tired to play outside anymore, we drive back and forth jumping speed bumps at the real park--yippee!!


Vicki said...

Looks like he is well on his way to his "Soccer Goal" and having lots of fun in the process!