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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bargain-Basement Sandbox (Literally!)

Since the rain cooled things off last night, the big activity of the day was going to be a stroll around the neighborhood to check out the interesting curbside junk that had been set out for the bulk trash pickup truck (on a busy bulk day this makes for an interesting no-cost toddler activity). We did find a few assorted piles of castaway goods but were somewhat disappointed that there wasn't more to see (we walked a long way too and only found about three or four homes who had stuff to toss). At first glance nothing was too exciting so we went home to move onto other adventures. But later, as I was looking at the pics we took, I noticed this little gem of an old bookshelf in one of the toss piles...and having just used a similar item for a toybox, it hit me that the same thing could be made into a great sandbox! I've been looking for a week around my house for something to use for one but everything was too small or impractical. I kicked myself for letting this one get away...surely the trash truck had already come by that time (it was 2 pm!). But just in case (and I don't advocate this practice generally), Little Biscuit and I drove over to the house to see if the bookshelf was still there. Sure 'nuf, it was! So we hauled it away and set up downstairs in Biscuit's basement playroom. I already had a bag of sand that cost me $3.39 at Home Depot. I put down an old bath mat beside the box to catch any big spills but since the floor is linoleum and we have a shop-vac I'm not too worried about the mess factor. I also made Biscuit a little seat on the edge the box out of a bean-bag cube ottoman I already had from Target. Here was his reaction upon meeting sand for the first time!!

A little tentative at first...(some tears, even!)

Hey, this might not be so bad!

Bring it on!!!


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