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Friday, August 8, 2008

Bobcats and dozers and doggies, oh my!

I have just a short post today to say that it looks like Biscuit is finally getting his fourth bottom front tooth. He's been really sore and having a hard morning, so to help him feel better, we went to see some of his favorite-ist things in all the world today--big machines!! We went to a nearby heavy equipment rental shop where all the big boy toys were just parked in a giant lot. The little guy got to touch the cool tractor tires and play in the dumpers and scoops and crawl around in trailers. He even saw a raised crane and bucket truck (maybe when you're older, son, you can drive 'em!) He was a little disappointed that the huge wheels he saw wouldn't roll (as you can see in the pic above). But the standing water in one of the scoops made up for it ;)
Then, for good measure, we walked next door to the pet resort kennel and requested a tour of the facility so that we'll know what services they provide for vacationing families in case we ever get a puppy :) They were happy to oblige and of course Biscuit got to see lots of very big, very small, very excited and very LOUD dogs! It was quite a setup they had; some of the more elitist pooches were boarding in grass-roof cabanas, sleeping in toddler beds and watching satellite TV (24-hour Animal Planet of course!) Anyway at the end of the tour they thanked us for coming and gave us a great freebie we hadn't counted on - a brand new chew toy for that "someday" puppy! Biscuit put it to good use on the way home, and if nothing else helped him feel better all morning, that chewie worked wonders on his sore tooth, and it sure made his day!


Jennifer said...

I just found your blog yesterday through a link on the side of my Facebook page. I am also a Christian SAHMommy of an almost 11month old little boy...I live in Oregon. I have read all of your posts about Biscuit's adventures and LOVE your blog!

My little guy is still a little young for many of the activites you suggest but they are all great ideas that I will definitely use in a month or two! :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Pudgy Pencils said...

That's awesome...I'm glad you found us :) I was wondering how effective Facebook would be...out of 87,000 people who saw that link only 24 clicked it so THANK YOU :) Your post made my day! :) I hope things are going well for you and your ds too :D