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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do-it-yourself toddler racetracks, ramps and railroads

Well, Little Biscuit has been dealing with some big pain at night the past few weeks from his molars and canines coming in - sometimes waking up every hour or two, so we are all pretty sleep-deprived. One thing that really distracts him in the daytime though and keeps him really happy for long stretches is table play. He is crazy about the free train tables set up at Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us and Lagoona Magoo. Since they're pretty pricey to buy ourselves, we improvised with some scrap wood slats I found at Home Depot for 1.27 apiece (I bought five and covered them with packing tape to avoid splinters and rough edges). Here's a look at just the tip of the iceburg of all the fun things we've been able to do with them so far...

Ramps...beep! beep!
(We used a basket and some of Biscuit's little bowls to make a ramp system. We also set a few ramps up against the couch, three in a row, and made a tunnel for his cars to drive through - he LOVED that, since he's a tunnel junkie!)

Racetracks...vroom! vroom!
Railroads...choo-choo! (We're still trying to decide if we want to draw railroad tracks on one side with markers, and street stripes on the other side...)


Vicki said...

Go little Biscuit Go! Looks like a ton of fun!

Christy said...

Another great idea! :)

That last picture was so much like his cousin right now. Usually he doesn't put anything but his left thumb in his mouth, but this week I have seen him have fingers and even a full hand in there. Teething is no fun! :(

Pasifik said...

That is very nice of him! He looked so busy with his toys.