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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Toddler Art/Home Decor Project: Leafy Door or Window Clings

Little Biscuit loves any excuse to go for a walk outside, so today he got to put on his backpack and walk with Mommy down the street to pick up some colorful autumn leaves. It was just step 1 of our outdoor/indoor toddler boredom buster activity today...Then, when we had gathered enough leaves, we came home and unloaded our finds. Since Biscuit loves stickers, leaves and also any excuse to stand at the windows and doors (more specifically, to pound on them!), we made glass clings from the leaves by wrapping them in squares of plastic wrap. Once assembled, I showed Biscuit how to "stick" them all over our glass door (I put up the high ones and let him go at the bottom of the door).
He had fun, (equal parts sticking them on and pulling them back off!) but when he was done I had a lovely seasonal masterpiece on my door to show for all his hard work...and one that wouldn't leave hard-to-remove gooey marks like stickers either :D (He's pretty satisfied too, as you can see!)


Pat said...

That looks like a fun project- even for me. lol. Actually though it's a pretty creative idea to have some quality time with your little ones. He's pretty cute too I might add.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

What a great idea Jen! I'm so going to be doing that this afternoon. Thanks for the idea!

Triple Mom said...

Very cool idea! I'll be trying this one w/ my little toddler for sure! Thanks!