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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Juffuddy Day: a get-silly but not scary Halloween alternative

Well, although our family doesn't get much into the halloween scene or trick-or-treating (we aren't fans of its roots and what it celebrates), we made up our own dress-up holiday today so Little Biscuit could get in on some innocent costume fun, in advance...I like to call it Juffuddy Day (Just-for-Fun Dress-up Day). It's based on Prov. 8:7 so it's about honestly dressing up silly just for the fun of it, and not for any scary/evil, deceptive reasons, etc. Since this holiday has totally different origins than halloween we can celebrate guilt-free ;) It was also cost-free because I just let Little Biscuit parade around the store in the cute costumes he liked that were for sale and took pictures to remember it all by. The best part was, he didn't have to pick just one character!

Biscuit the Tank Engine...Choo! Choo!
Swashbucklin' Jack Sparrow, Jr...(Well, Captain Jack, Sr. can't bring this ship into Tortuga all by his onesies, savvy?")Sheriff Lil' Biscuit, fastest draw in the west (as long as he's got a crayon!)Sir Biscuit the Brave Knight meets...a tickle dragon!?Lightning McBiscuit (his personal favorite - "ca-CHOW!")


Vicki said...

I am personally partial to biscuit the tank engine and sheriff biscuit! How sweet they all are- but I like Little Biscuit as himself the best :)

Christy said...

His cousin would have preferred McQueen too, I think! They are going to have a blast together!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Im also not a fan of what halloween represents... We dont allowe our girls to have negative costumes, and we celebrate a happy costume day!!!