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Friday, September 26, 2008

Peek-a-Boo-Boo! (making First-Aid "fun" for a toddler)

Today Biscuit and I found a "hidden" park we didn't know existed - we both had a great time playing on the fun, new equipment, but after Biscuit played peek-a-boo on a swinging bridge with a new buddy he met there, we had to go home and play "peek-a-boo-boo." He'd managed to trip and fall and earned his "big boy badge" while he was at it -- he'd skinned his soft, smooth little baby knees for the first time!

I know today's incident is only the beginning of many more scrapes, splinters and sappy sagas yet to come, so I wanted his 1st "first aid" experience to be as positive as possible. Here's how it went down...

First, Biscuit got to play with the Boo-Boo Box full of gauze, sterile strips and other surprises...
Then he doctored up the Boo-boo Bear - we put some antibiotic ointment and a Band-Aid "sticker" on his fuzzy blue knee to see what it'd be like.Biscuit's turn! Let's wash that dirty knee, then put on some cream, and add the Band-Aid...Where's the boo-boo?? PEEK-a-boo-boo!! ("Who needs a Band-Aid, Mom? I'm a big boy!")"Ha, ha, nice try, Mom, but I'm gonna peek-a-boo-boo this one too when you're not looking!""So, hey, Mom...this was swell fun and all, but can we go back to the park now!?"


Christy said...

LOL! We're having our share of those knee boo-boos here too! Most of the time we can get by without a band-aid. However, if it needs one we have found that the ointment and band-aid work best when he has on his pjs or is wearing jeans. I think it is supposed to be cooler next week, so the jeans thing will get easier!

BTW, Little Biscuit's cousin has that exact same shirt! :)