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Thursday, September 18, 2008

That's Not My Sheep! (Animal Week, Day 5)

Some of Biscuit's favorite board books are from the Usborne touchy-feely series. So for Sheep Day, we went on a touchy-feely-inspired wild, woolly adventure! As you can see, we had a bla-a-a-ast...!

That's not my sheep. Her mouth is too chalky.

That's not my sheep. His wool is too hard.

That's not my sheep. His teeth are too shiny.

That's not my sheep. Her back is too bumpy.

THAT'S my sheep! His nose is SO cuddly!
The End :)

(Note: We had to break up Sheep Day into two days because yesterday was Biscuit's 15-month checkup and we had to alter our schedule a little. He checked in off the charts for height - 34.5 inches - but had dropped a little in weight due to his meal-skipping the past few weeks from being sick and teething - he's at 90% now. The only way we can convince him to eat now is to pretend like his food is our food and he'll usually come ask for some. At the dr. he had his DPT shot and he still has blisters in his throat from the virus but hopefully they will clear up soon. The doc also said he's getting in all 4 first-year molars; plus he's almost done with his two canines on top. Whew. I sure hope he gets some relief soon!)


Brian said...

I am glad that animal week included his favorite animal! Baaaaa! Baaaa!