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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Duck Tales: Animal Week, Day 2

Biscuit got to feed some ducks at a pond last week and he thought they were loads of fun. But since he'd already done the most obvious duck-related activity, I wondered, waddle we do today on Duck Day - our second day of "animal week" ? But once we got our ducks in a row we came up with a few ideas ... so dive right in and dabble in our plucky diversions!

Sitting ducks

We went to a pick-it-yourself farm today (free to get in) and found some fun duck-shaped gourds there. Biscuit enjoyed checking them out and trying to feed them (and himself) pebbles and pumpkins. He got to pick a little 50-cent pumpkin for a souvenir...hmmm, maybe a duck-o-lantern??

Band the duck

The general idea is to chase the little "wood duck" all over the place trying to catch him, and when I do, "band" his leg so I can track him by his unique ID number, er, teether. He ran as fast as little "webbly" feet could go but I still got him...apparently he wasn't too traumatized by the ordeal either. In fact, he seems to think he was one lucky duck to get caught!

Dip in the duck pond

Of course there can be no duck day without some form of water play!


Biscuit can only have o
ne kind of cracker that we've found so far...the Full Circle brand of organic round snack crackers (like Ritz, but these don't have any milk or corn syrup, neither of which he tolerates well). So needless to say we buy them in bulk when we can and he LOVES them, and we have to break them in small pieces anyway for him ... so we had fun making little duck shapes out of the crackers at snack time today :) Hey, corny (and cornless) as they are, at least they might help break up the monotony of his usual cracker cuisine ;)


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