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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fire House Fun!

So after reading The Little Fire Engine Biscuit and I decided it might be fun to visit a real fire house! We stopped by a fire-and-rescue headquarters near our neighborhood to schedule a tour and the nice staff called in Fireman Mike right then - he showed us around on the spot! We got to see cool firefighter gear like these fire suits and hats....
Sit on the fire truck bumper...DRIVE the firetruck, wee-oo, wee-oo!! Steer the wheel, Biscuit!!
Check out the huge fire truck wheels - on the biggest engine in the county!!
Explore the fire truck...from hoses, to ladders, to survival tools like the Jaws of Life...Look inside the locked doors and compartments on the firetruck...what's in there, Fireman Mike?!
Awesome! Tool boxes and safety equipment!That was fun!! Let's do it again sometime :D


Vicki said...

Wow, Little Biscuit sure is blessed with an adventurous Mommy!
Looks like alot of fun!

Christy said...

Oh what a fun thing to do! Did Little Biscuit think the trucks were really cool? That sounds like something I should try with his cousin sometime!

Pudgy Pencils said...

Yep, you should have seen him smile when he first saw the truck!! It was priceless, but of course I was holding him so I couldn't snap a pic of it. I bet his cousin would love it too, especially since he's a fellow "rolling vehicle" fan! :D