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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Animal Week, Day 4: Canine Competitions!

Well, Dog Day has finally arrived! To celebrate it (along with Biscuit's 15-month birthday), he and I played a few "woof-woof" games around the house and then loaded up in the car and visited a local puppy breeder for some hands-on interaction. What follows are the doggy-style championship events we took part in today!

FLYBALL* (Run down to the "flyball box," retrieve the ball and run back to the starting line as fast as possible after seeing mommy demonstrate!)

* (Maneuver through an obstacle course with strict attention to your handler - although I wasn't quite sure who was the handler in this event!)

(Tell the good dog to sit, and watch how well he obeys!)

FRISBEE * (See how many times you can catch the disc in your mouth ... or, if you prefer, see how many times you can throw it down the stairs!)
HERDING* (Guide little woollies to their fold and guard them well!)

TRACKING * (See if you can track down the breeds of pups for sale using this poster.)

DOCK DIVING* (On the count of three, everyone jump into the water bowl!)

THERAPY* (Look at this cute face and just TRY to not to feel better!


Christy said...

Happy 15 month birthday, Little Biscuit! Looks like you're having a great doggie day! Did I see a fresh haircut? :) How did that go?

Pasifik said...

Great pictures! He looks so happy playing with the dogs.

Keep posting,