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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Germ Day: A Whole 'Nother Animal (plus a little tangent on toddler corn allergies/intolerance)

Beeeeeeeeeeeep!! We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming on animal week (which was going to be Dog Day) to bring Day?!

Turns out, Biscuit came down with a high fever last night (102.5+) that didn't respond really great to Tylenol so he ended up in his favorite place this morning. The doc said he has viral stomatitis (super-painful blisters in the back of his throat) that will take a week to heal (3 days for the fever to break until which time he's really contagious). Needless to say we didn't do much today besides lay around (it's all we could do after such a sleepless night). What is so weird to me is that this is the second or third time he's had very similar symptoms and whether it's coincidence or what, I donno, but each time he's come down with it has been after accidental exposure to corn products (which we have recently discovered seems to give him headaches, eczema, tantrums etc) or those could just be his body's way of showing us he's coming down with something. But if it's corn...have you noticed that corn syrup is in practically everything known to man? That includes liquid Tylenol and Motrin for children too, so all this time we thought we were helping him with his teeth we might've also been messing with his corn-sensitive system. I don't think his stomatitis is necessarily allergic in nature (there is such a thing) but it makes me wonder if having corn in him sucker-punches his immune system (so to speak) and makes him more susceptable to nasty germies? Guess we'll never know, only try to avoid the stuff as much as possible. In the meantime the doc's office did some research for us and told us about some corn-syrup free pain relievers out there (not necessarily corn-free, but corn-syrup free, which is what seems to really bug him) no particular order, they are:

tylenol dye-free liquid
tylenol meltaways
motrin chewables (ibuprofin)

We opted for the meltaways since ibuprofin is associated w/ more adverse reactions generally, even though I think ibuprofin would normally help him more since it's for inflammation. After the tylenols today he took a great nap and his fever seemed much better.

He's still not eating much but crackers so for our big activity today we made "soothie smoothies" ... a mix of his formula, pureed bananas and crushed ice. His favorite part was getting to drink it out of one of mommy's cups with a grown-up straw:

Anyway we hope to get back to animal week when Little Biscuit is a feeling more like himself...stay tuned :D


Vicki said...

I hope you feel better little biscuit, I Love You!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Thanks for joining up with us blogging mamas on BBC! GREAT blog! I would have never thought of corn syrup in in the meds! Good to know thanks!

Gentri(gensu0407) BBC Mama