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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Silly Games with Packing Paper

Hide 'n seek...where's Little Biscuit?

Limbo anyone?

Today a package came with some of that ten-mile-long brown packing paper and boy did Little Biscuit ever have a good time with it! His favorite activity was standing under it when I threw the whole mess of it as high as I could into the air and let it fall down all over us. You can't really see the action of the paper falling in these photos, but that's what's going on. He was laughing his heart out and squealing with joy, falling into it and "splashing" in it and whatever he could do to make it a fun new toy. He sure needed something happy today too as he is not recovering as smoothly as we'd hoped from his myringtomies/ear tubes (his temp is still raised and he's having a lot of pain and drainage, so the doc is seeing him again tomorrow). I think he's going to enjoy Christmas so much, even if all he gets to do is play with the wrapping paper off the boxes :D

"Wheeeeeeeeee! Incoming!"
It's smiles like this that especially remind me I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything!

"Oh boy, it's a TUNNEL!"

He can't jump yet but this "paper jump rope" sure makes him want to try!

"Who says I can't swim with ear tubes? Watch me SPLASH!"


Vicki said...

That looks like a ton of fun! I hope to be involved in that too, very soon! I can't wait!

Hannah said...

haha, did you know that he was wearing the same outfit as the previous post? lol..