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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mystery Septra rash

Okay for all you House fans out there...can you help us out with a diagnosis until we're able to see the doctor in person? Little Biscuit popped out with some spots over the last day or two that don't really look the same as his usual eczema (these are more rounded and in unusual locations for eczema, like his thighs, and on his chest and arms); they do have the same scaly, rough feel as eczema though. They really got worse after his dose of Septra antibiotic last night (a sulfa drug). We called the on-call doc and they had us stop the meds ASAP with no substitutes "just in case" which we have done. In the meantime I took these pics and we'll ask the doc at his surgery if he thinks it's from the meds, but we it eczema, or erythema multiforme, or just a general drug reaction rash that's harmless or something else? It doesn't seem to itch a lot, but he has been fussier the last two days - of course the antibiotics aren't working so we know his ears are hurting too so that's probably a big part of the fussiness. He only has a handful of spots but on the teeny tiny chance it could be EM we are not taking any chances whatsoever because if it is and we continue the meds, it could lead to SJS and that is about the scariest sounding condition I can imagine. Any thoughts, anyone? I know you're not docs but anyone with experience, this is your chance to throw out the advice!! Thanks :) I'll try to update this post when we find out the doctor's opinion.toddler rash

toddler rash

toddler rash