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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pillow Party

Little Biscuit and I have been down for the count the last few weeks - he's had a double ear infection since the beginning of October that just won't quit (he's on his 4th antibiotic for it and seeing an ENT on Wednesday) and I have either a virus or some kind of relentless allergy. Neither one of us have done a whole ton of playing since our trip to NC for Thanksgiving although we did manage to set up the Christmas tree and decor which he really enjoyed .... yesterday he seemed to be feeling ever so slightly better but not so much today. We did manage to squeeze in a silly pillow party this morning. He loves it when I throw lots of little pillows into his playpen so he can roll in utter delight all over them, doing flips (which he learned from his cousin), collapsing onto them and begging me play "peek-a-bop" (peek-a-boo with a pillow fight twist!). Here are some more pics of the morning fluffy festivities :D