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Friday, July 25, 2008

Old toys, new uses!

As I was considering options for what to do today, I first thought about taking some of Biscuit's old toys to Once Upon a Child (a resale store for anything re: kids) to see if I could get cash out of them. One of the items that I've been especially itching to get rid of is a secondhand exersaucer he's too big for (and it's missing the seat too). It's just been sitting in the basement taking up space. We also really wanted to go swimming today (and preferably not in the plastic bin downstairs collecting water from the a/c leak). We ended up not doing either one...at least, not exactly. I decided not to part with the saucer just yet. It hit me that it might be salvageable...as a makeshift water table! Biscuit's never played with a water table (neither have I for that matter) but I've heard of them from family and seen some at Amazon and Toys 'R Us - and they sounded like big fun. So me and my sis (who's staying with me till Big Biscuit gets home) and Little Biscuit headed to the dollar store for some cheap accessories. We found a big bowl to set up inside the saucer where the seat used to be, a splash disc, some of those "just add water" toys that expand when wet, and an assortment of little water-friendly balls. Back at home, after dinner when the temp cooled down some, we set up the whole ensemble, rigged up the garden hose as a fountain in the middle of it all...and voila! Biscuit had a blast and ended up MORE soaked than he probably would've been had we gone to the pool! He couldn't get enough of the hose spray ;) This activity was definitely the highlight of our day!


Christy said...

What a great idea to make your own water table!!! It looks like he had a ton of fun! I can't wait to hear about his reunion with his daddy! :)