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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coupon clipping and cart-hopping

Biscuit is becoming quite a connoisseur of carts. He began with the standard kid-facing-mom, no frills model but he prefers not to put his legs through the holes. He would rather hang one foot over the top of the handle for optimal comfort, or at least turn sideways in the seat and face the direction of traffic like everybody else. He also recently sampled a variation of the kid-facing-mom style at Dierbergs, which offers a red race car motif along the sides for the more discriminating cart rider, complete with double steering wheels behind the cart handle. Home Depot carries a similar line in orange. But not to be outdone, Schnucks has made available a cart with a car theme too - in this case, a green and yellow ride-in car sporting its own roof and working horns attached to the front of the cart facing traffic. Or, one can choose a train-style cart with a bench as pictured above. So far Biscuit seems to appreciate the race car motif. His least favorite by far is the Kohl's "stroller" style contraption. My least favorite is the train style as it is nearly impossible to maneuver without mowing down innocent bystanders. But we will continue on our quest for the perfect shopping cart (and the best coupons) as the summer goes on. We've been known to go to a store for no other reason than to test drive the carts. Hey, who says it can't still be fun to grocery shop despite high food prices? :)

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Susan M. Heim said...

Our local Publix grocery stores have cute carts in the shape of cars that my twins always want to ride in. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to steer, so I'm constantly trying to hurry the kids into the store so they don't see the special carts sitting outside!