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Monday, July 28, 2008


We were all three excited to welcome back Big Biscuit from his week-long mission trip to Mexico Saturday night :) Before we headed to the airport we decided to decorate one of Little Biscuit's onesies with a simple "welcome back" message for his dad. The picture above shows what we ended up with (since both are big baseball fans). "Daddy's Home" has always been one of Little Biscuit's favorite phrases and he goes running whenever I say it (usually when daddy pulls into the driveway after work). In this case Little Biscuit was asleep when we got to the airport so we had to wait for the reunion until he woke up (which was after we were back at the house). At his first sighting of Big Biscuit, he had mixed emotions - he was obviously thrilled to see his daddy again and wouldn't stop giggling and smiling shyly at him, but he was a bit unsure if he could really believe his eyes enough to touch him ... it didn't take very long until they were in each other's arms though :D