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Monday, July 28, 2008

Laughing babies make babies laugh :)

One of the latest fun activities we've discovered combines our mutual love of the laptop and great, clean comedy ;) It involves looking up silly stuff on YouTube :) Our favorite finds, hands down, include these three:

Be warned, if you watch these, get ready to CRACK up! Little Biscuit laughs just about as hard as the kids in the video just watching them (although he's only just getting into it in the little clip shown above where he's watching Ethan on YouTube.)

It's also fun to find videos of real animals making their actual sounds - here's:

some farm animals...
a crazy cat
a barking dog
a mooing cow
a quacking duck
an oinking pig
a bleating goat
a clucking hen...

and for the more exotic...

a laughing hippo
a herd of noisy elephants
a pack of roaring lions

you get the idea :D If there's a "real life" animal sound you want to hear you can probably find it at YouTube :)

Another fun site we like to visit (and Little Biscuit can actually punch buttons himself!) is Fisher-Prices Online Games & Activities - they have one for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Biscuit's fave is the jungle friends peek-a-boo game! :)