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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leaf-Looking with a Little One

Today we had the delightful combination of beautiful foliage and warmer weather so me and my little guy couldn't resist a trip to the park. In fact, we heard about a new one we had to check out, and it was paradise for a toddler ;D

Of course, the new playground was fun, but the best parts of all were not man made!!

He absolutely LOVED this little creek. And the gravel pile beside it of course! The colors of the trees near there were breathtaking! A photo does not do it justice.

The fuzzy "caterpillar" weeds made his day too!

He called them "tickle weeds!"

He also found some deer tracks...this place looked like Heaven for wildlife.

Then it was time to run through the fall fields!

Look! We found a scenic trail hidden behind a field.

Hmm...I wonder if there's a tree house to play in up there?

"See the pretty grasses mommy?"

And a bridge too? Wow, does it get any better?

Yes it does! Ladybugs!

And ladybug kisses!!

And holes to throw pine needles and rocks inside!

The quiet babble of the brook was so relaxing to us both.

I wish the leaves didn't have to fall off...but until they do, we'll probably be back to this place as often as we can!


Christy said...

Very cool!!! It looks like a lot of fun!