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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playroom Makeover

With colder weather coming up fast, we needed to make some adjustments to the playroom so there'd be plenty to keep us occupied indoors this winter. The big room of toys didn't have much organization to it, so I gave it more structure and hopefully now it's more practical to use.

Here's the book features a fun new lounge chair and ottoman we got on clearance at big lots,  a cozy bear for snuggling up for reading, ABC foam playmat, a bookshelf full of newbery medal books, puzzles and word cards and alphabet/phonics posters, a basket of lil biscuit's favorite stories, and of course, the plush icons of children's lit, Corduroy (biscuit's best bud!), Brown Bear...and Clifford, the best-read dog on the block ;) As you can see, lil boy has already made himself at home in his new toddler chair!

Next there's a center for playing cars, where all the radiator springs and hot wheels heroes cruise around. It has a playmat, race track, wooden parking garage and bin for storage. And beside it sits a small red table for building with blocks

The playroom playground has his pop-up tunnel (he loves pushing his cars through it), bounce house and slide; it's sitting on more foam playmat and carpet remnants.

Then there's the music center for pounding away at his keyboard; the box holding it doubles as storage for his ball pit balls; and the bins hold more toys that he doesn't play with all the time.

The last area is the art center, which has his new craigslist easel (it has dry erase/chalk board/roll of paper for painting) and toddler table/chair. The little drawers hold his crayons, colored pencils, markers and chubby chalk; the sand pail is play dough and accessories; the clothesline with pins for displaying his masterpieces; and the bin is for coloring books, aquadoodle, magnadoodle, sticker books etc.

Here he is, trying out his hand at watercolor...or, more accurately, trying to put his hand in the cup of water...

Anyway, clearly it's a low-budget production, but it should keep us a little more organized and occupied when the frigid air hits later on! In the meantime, it's "something different downstairs" and is already working as a nice boredom busters. So maybe we'll just keep re-arranging as needed to keep things interesting ;)