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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Pretend It's Pepperoni

Well due to his possible corn intolerance issues we've tried to come up with safe versions of "normal" food for Little Biscuit to eat. For some variety in his pretty bland toddler menu we recently tried pizza made on a kosher matzah cracker (but not kosher for passover as we couldn't find them and those are the only ones that are really supposed to be corn free); I just used regular pizza sauce with pureed beef mixed in it and spread it on the cracker and put on some cheese squares on top (this was before we realized that milk is also a big eczema trigger for him, or seems to be); So he had his first pizza party at 18 months old! Anyway he really enjoyed himself and I guess even if milk is a problem he can still have it without the cheese on top. As you can see he couldn't wait to get his hands on it - Needless to say it was really a celebration for him to get to eat pizza for once :D Little Biscuit didn't even play with his food too much - he was busy scarfing it down!
Not sure what the teething ring and diaper were for...
His bib is clean for the moment, but it didn't last long!
I had fun playing in the kitchen so I also made some home-made pizza for me and Big Biscuit too that turned out really yummy (probably because it actually did have pepperoni!).