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Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Indoor Toddler Snow Idea

Well the whole family has been slammed with tummy flu (viral gastroenteritis) this week; it has been ongoing since Sunday night. The pic above is just our 19-month-old's opinion of the whole experience. I could say more but I think he sums it up pretty well :)

Today we're all still feeling pretty yucky but it is almost 45 degrees outside and we still haven't gotten to play in the snow; rather than wait for it all to melt we went out for just a few minutes since it's Little Biscuit's first "real" snow that he might actually remember...But since we couldn't find child sized snow boots in stock anywhere this late in the game, we couldn't stay out long. The little guy really wanted to play more in it when we were done, so we brought a pan of the cold white stuff inside. We filled it with sandbox toys and set him in the tub with it and let him go at it! He had his own bathub blizzard - a flurry of fun, flake-feeling, cheek-chillin', toddler-style snow-day festivities right there! Bundle up, bath buddies! It's c-c-cold in here!
So Mommy, how do I make a slushie?
More, more, more - I love the snow! It makes me forget feeling so sick!


Vicki said...

What great parents you are! Taking little Biscuit outside to play in the snow when you both feel sick- the fresh air probably felt wonderful to all of you :)
Hope it's over soon!

Christy said...

That's a good idea! If we get another snow I will have to do that for his cousin. He won't wear a hat or gloves, so he can't play outside in it. Oh, and an idea for the shoes - put some big plastic bags (like ziplocks or Walmart bags) with a big rubber band over his shoes and that will help keep them dry. It works great!

Pudgy Pencils said...

you know i actually mentioned the "bag boots" idea to Big Biscuit but he wouldn't let me use it...he said it'd be too hard to walk in for a toddler, yada yada but I remember doing it myself as a kid when boots weren't handy ;) hey, whatever works!