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Monday, May 24, 2010

Pet Caterpillars?

A few weeks ago we had a TON of those tent caterpillars in trees around our house, and crawling all over the sidewalk. The first time we came across one, Lil Biscuit was so excited by it that I put it in a jar with some leaves and sticks and dirt so he could see it more up close at home.
Here's what transpired:

So as soon as we got him inside, he laid down on his tummy and started talking to the "worm" (I have a video of the conversation which was adorable but it is taking too long to upload so you'll have to trust me, it was cute!) anyway he kept asking me to get him out, so he could "pet it like a doggy" I let the fuzzy footed thing out of the jar to crawl around the kitchen floor.
Biscuit thought he was awesome!
He wasn't content just to watch him and pet him...
 ...he wanted to HOLD the caterpillar in his hand! He kept giggling and saying, "He tickle, mommy!"
He was pretty thrilled when I told him we could "keep" the critter overnight. We did let it go in a tree the next day, in case you were wondering ;)