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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cup Concentration: A Textures Matching Game for Toddlers

We had Little Biscuit's final visit from our Parents as Teachers rep this week and she had a great idea for a game we had to try. We collected some random odds and ends from around the house that were 2 of a kind - two craft pompoms, 2 mini cars, 2 little wood men, 2 marbles, 2 hair ties, 2 Cars dominoes, 2 bendy straw ends, 2 foam circles, and 2 q-tips (the objects can be anything as long as they match, have different textures, are safe for toddler hands and are small enough to fit in a cup). Before we played the game, I let Little Biscuit hold, touch and handle the gizmos for a few minutes so he'd know the differences and how they felt.
Then, we dumped them all into an 8-oz cup...
 I put the cup inside one of his daddy's (clean!) tube socks so he couldn't see inside. We shook it up and, without looking, I pulled out one of the objects (a little orange wooden man). So it was his turn ...I let him put his hand down inside the sock...his challenge was to find the other orange man without peeking. He could only feel around for it...
Yay!! He did it :D
 He was quite proud of himself :)
 His first cup concentration match of the day...
 Mommy's turn...can she find the hair tie Little  Biscuit pulled out? If she does, she wins a BIG kiss, just like he did!! (Yippee, I won a big one!!! Here it comes...)
 Another turn for Little Biscuit...can he find the other foamie circle?
 Of course he can :D
 We had a lot of fun - what a great learning game...thanks, PAT!


Vicki said...

That is so cute! He is such a smarty :) Love the PJ's and the kiss!

Nick said...

Kids love to be in entertaining mood all the day and they find their own ways to have fun. This is great.