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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready to Roll! (Hill games)

Little Biscuit went with me this week to have a quick trip down memory lane ;) I found the greatest grassy hill for rolling down, just like when I was a kid. I figured, you're never too old to stop being a child at heart, so he's not too young to start playing like one either ;)
The moment I got up from my demo roll down the side of the hill, Biscuit was all over it ;) He couldn't stop giggling, and off he went, go-go-going!It was a big hill for a small boy...Split-second halftime break.Play resumes...Mission complete!Time for round two!
After he was done, he wanted to climb another "hill"...I wouldn't let him roll down this one though :-/
We'll definitely be back to visit the Hill when snow comes ;) Or maybe before, if I can find one of those fun ice-runner sleds for grass. (Wax paper didn't work as well as we hoped.)