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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swingsets and Slides, Inside!

A few days in the last couple weeks we've had some weather that prevented doing much outside. The playground wasn't an option (we actually had to make an emergency wal-mart run for new pants after the little guy slid down a slide at the park that was more like a raging water flume!) So we tried to be resourceful and use what we already had...we brought our Little Tikes swing and slide in the house, wiped it down, and found a nice spot for it out of the way. It has been well used - a lot more than it has been outside, where it gets wet and dirty and ignored. Little Biscuit loves to climb all over it and push his toy teddy bears and Frisbee the dog in the swing; but most of all he thinks the slide is one big giant car ramp, and boy do those racecars pick up some speed on it! VROOM!!


Christy said...

Oh what a fun idea! Ours unfortunately is way too big to bring inside, but yours looks perfect for that! I'm sure his cousin would be right beside him with cars down the "ramp" if we were there. :)